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The La’lun

Ages 10 - Young Adult
The La'Lun

Every family has a secret - this one is the last of its kind.

When Camille discovers the secret her grandmother has protected for decades she knows that to tell anyone would be to tell everyone - with terrible consequences.

But it could also bring the rest of her family back into her life.

This is a story about love and loyalty, truth and lies.

Real news, fake news and how far you'd go to protect what you love.

Set in the beautiful - but sometimes dangerous - English Lake District it's a story for now with its roots in ancient folklore. A young person finding her place in the world by discovering something the rest of the world knows nothing about. The more she learns of the past the more she can see of her own future.

The Geat

Ages 10 – Young Adult

Scandi Noir? The Danes have been at it for years... and years... and years…

This is the story of Beowulf, quite possibly the oldest horror story in the world!

Hrothgar is the King of the Danes, but fear rules the land. Every night the terrible Grendel wanders over the land and through the forest, looking for food. Every night Hrothgar prays for someone to be strong enough to kill Grendel. Plenty were brave enough to try, but all of them failed.

Would Beowulf succeed where others failed?

Man steps in eyeball

The Pearl in the Grass

Ages 7 – 11
The Pearl in the Grass

Imagine you're so poor you have to scrape a living by selling wild grass.

When the rains don't come the ground dries up and nothing can grow. You go hungry. Eventually you'll starve.

So if you found a patch of fast growing grass in the middle of the desert you'd think your problems were over, wouldn't you?

That's what Sheng thought.

But when his mum suggested he dig up the grass to plant in their garden his problems had just begun....

This is an old story from China about loyalty, fear and courage. It will make you laugh, it will make you gasp, it might even make you cry. It's also about huge wealth, pots of gold, greedy robbers, nosey neighbours and one quite extraordinary, magical and very big surprise at the end.

(Warning: kids think the end is great - mums tend to cry!)

Man holding coins

Charlie’s Key

Ages 4 – 8+
Charlie's Key

Charlie lived in a quiet village by the sea, where nothing much happened.

Then his mum got a new job and gave him his own front door key in case she was late home. He promised he'd look after it, but things just started to go wrong........

Key falls down drain

Our Authors

You might think it's a remarkable coincidence that our authors have such similar names. We couldn't possibly comment.

John Harris

John Harris is one of only a handful of full time professional storytellers at work in the UK and (as far as we know) the only one who works exclusively with children and young people in schools.

His books have arisen from his storytelling - he's been telling each of the stories we've published for at least ten years, gradually honing and shaping them in front of live audiences totalling thousands of children before committing the printed version to paper.

When he's not travelling all over the country telling stories his interests include reading, eating, sitting, driving, watching, listening, drinking, franklespinning and sleeping.

For more information about John's work in schools please visit his website by clicking here.

Storytelling in Schools

JN Harris

By the time he was 26 JN Harris had 26 places he'd called home. He's worked in hotels, restaurants, bars, garages, bodyshops, theatres, bookmakers, schools, libraries, arts festivals, museums, the post office, as a plumber's mate and a roadie. He's had tea with a Prince and shared the back of a Transit van with a Dame of the British Empire. He's appeared on BBC Radio 4, 6 Music and Planet Rock and has had to sign the Official Secrets Act not once, not twice, but three times. 'The La'lun' is his first book. The next is on the way.

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